Pricing Pages

Design it in PriceOps! Embed it anywhere!

The first and the most important step in Pricing operations is the launch of your Pricing page.

Some of the major elements on a pricing page:

  • The header for your pricing page

  • Different plans

  • Price levels of each plan

  • Monthly or Yearly billing periods

  • Price Metrics

  • Free trials

  • Skipping free trials to make a payment

  • Add-ons

  • And most important of all, Subscribe button - connecting to Payment gateway

To do this manually takes over two months and every time you need to iterate it takes 3-5 days of developer effort.

With PriceOps packaging feature, designing a pricing page, integrating payment gateway and publishing the pricing page takes minutes. And once the code snippet is embedded on your site or in your app, any changes are instantaneous.

Here's an example of a pricing page that can be designed using PriceOps.

PS: we used our own tool to build our Pricing page as you can see!

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