🔌Getting Started

Getting started with PriceOps Packaging. Launch any pricing model within minutes!

PriceOps Packaging is Packaging infrastructure for SaaS and Services company.

You will use PriceOps Packaging when you need to launch your pricing pages in your app or website, and integrate with payment gateways (currently only Stripe).

You can design and finalize the pricing page using PriceOps, and we will provide you with an embeddable snippet of the finalized pricing page to embed anywhere you choose.

Once the pricing page is embedded, all changes are live. Meaning you can make any changes to your Pricing page within minutes, such as adding new products/plans, changing your Price, updating features and make changes to the checkout flow as well, such as creating coupon codes to provide specific discounts. It no longer takes months and dev effort to make changes.

We are also providing a quick way to integrate with Stripe. This is a no-code option and just by logging in to your Stripe account you can integrate Stripe to the Pricing pages and start accepting payments!

This is how your pricing page could look like!

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