Free trials

Very common tactic used in PLG

Offering free trials is one of the most common tactics in Pricing and Packaging.

This allows your customers to get a taste of what they can achieve with your product and this would then lead to conversions.

There are different ways to offer free trials

  • Free trial starts after entering the payment details. The payment method gets automatically charged the subscription amount after the trial ends.

  • Free trial without payment method. The free trial starts without asking any payment information and once the trial ends you get to decide what to do with the subscription. After the subscription ends, the customer has to make the payment to ensure continued access to your app.

Skipping free trials

Something that has started recently is the option to give the customer to skip the trial period and subscribe. To do this, you would normally offer some incetive or discount to skip the trial and pay.

This can be very powerful as not a lot of free trials convert to paid customers.

Here's how you can do all of this very easily while creating your products in PriceOps.

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